About the Journal

Jurnal Ilmiah Guru Madrasah (JIGM) is a scientific journal published by Madrasah Aliyah Negeri 1 Pidie in collaboration with the Office of the Ministry of Religion of Pidie Regency. This journal is a medium of publication for teachers in general, especially madrasah teachers at the Ibtidaiyah, Tsanawiyah, and Aliyah levels. Jurnal Ilmiah Guru Madrasah (JIGM) published an original article based on the research results, classroom action research, and literature studies related to the education process, teachers, students, or education in general, even theoretically or conceptually. JIGM is published twice a year, i.e., January–June and July–December each year. All articles published in Jurnal Ilmiah Guru Madrasah (JIGM) are reviewed by two reviewers using a double-blind review process and have passed a plagiarism check using Turnitin with a similarity index under 30%.